The New Website!

In celebration of the launch of our new website this October I am very excited to be writing our first Za Za Homes blog!

For those of you who have not yet heard about us, we are based in Cornwall and Devon, selling a wonderful range of high quality candle lanterns, outdoor oil lamps and just this month we will be adding some new home furnishings to the collections especially for Christmas!

My aim is to provide customers with high quality items which add character and softness to your home. We absolutely love mood lighting, which is reflected in our selection of hanging lamps, lanterns and garden oil torches.

We have had an exciting few months with Game of Thrones purchasing our Copper Roma Oil Lamps and the Aegis Trust ‘s marathon runners Rob Young and Adam Holland carrying our Naples oil torch around the UK. It is now also making its way across Kenya! You can have a read about this fantastic charity here.

Thank you so much for having a read and I hope that you love the product range as much as I do!

Image above, myself being coerced into a photo during our shoot last month.

What a lovely location!

19th October, 2015