Lighting for Summer Weddings

We believe that one of the most important details at any wedding is the lighting. The mood lighting that you choose to add to your venue will affect how the rooms, photos and accessories look and most importantly how people respond to the environment. I.e. Relax, mingle and party for longer.

Summer weddings always give that extra opportunity to use a mixture of outdoor lighting as people will spend much more time outdoors. There are many options when it comes to lighting an outdoor wedding.

Lanterns and candleholders provide a classic style for entrance ways and table décor. They also look fantastic hung from branches and shepherd hooks. Simply add a wax or use LED candles.

Firepits are also an excellent way to add a splash of dramatic light. They encourage people to congregate in groups and also add some warmth as the night draws in.

Oil torches and lamps are another very impressive way to add magical mood lighting to the outside areas. They can be used to highlight entrance ways, dot around the gardens, along pathways and also seating/eating areas.


7th June, 2019