How to take care of your chopping boards

marble and wood cheese board

We often have customers asking us how they should care for their chopping and serving boards. So today we thought we would share a bit of knowledge we have picked up along the way.

It is generally quite easy to look after our marble and slate cutting boards as they are very durable and excellent for presenting foods. Great used as serving and cheese boards, plus they look beautiful when displayed in the kitchen area.

Marble chopping boards are non porous, with no gaps or creases, so they do not absorb meat juices and liquids. This makes them extremely good for avoiding the spread of bacteria. Marble is a very solid material which is great, but do be careful when using sharp knives on these boards as it can blunt them.

Both wooden chopping boards and slate serving boards are much more porous than marble. To protect the slate and wood parts of your chopping board and prevent them from absorbing juices from foods, it is always a good idea to treat them with a food grade mineral oil, or recommended chopping board oil, a few times a year. This will help to protect the integrity of the materials, protect against contamination, staining and add that extra special shine to the boards.

To clean we recommend washing our boards by hand. Simply wash with hot water and soap. Make sure all food is wiped off and then leave to dry. Try to avoid getting the rubber feet underneath wet.

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14th November, 2018