• Autumn Style

    Well here we are again; as the leaves turn to a variety of beautiful colours and those cold mornings begin to creep in, there is really no denying that autumn is here!

    Here at Za Za Homes we’re gearing up for the end of the year and all the changes that the season brings. We’ve got a new range of tealight holders that can add a golden glow to your dining tables or a warm atmosphere to your mantlepiece, such as our Gold Glass Tealight Holders featured above.

    As we all retreat indoors to the warmth and comfort of our homes, why not add an extra level of pizazz with our range of elegant lanterns and candlesticks; which are a great way to decorate your home this autumn and winter, and add that little extra ambient lighting.

    6th October, 2021

  • Today we discuss Water Hyacinth

    We’ve always had a strong ethos of using sustainable materials where possible, so today we thought we’d share some information on how our Water Hyacinth products are produced, and where this replenishable product comes from.

    Water hyacinth is found in the Amazon basin; a floating aquatic plant with round bright green and purple leaves. Very fast growing, it propagates quickly and often takes over surrounding ponds.

    The plant has become a problem for the aquatic environment and because there is so much of it, local craftsmen are given the opportunity to use this plant, turning it into products to sell.

    This plant is soft and flexible, and through the process of drying and weaving, beautiful rugs, storage baskets and furniture can be made. This provides many jobs for the local inhabitants in harvesting this ever growing crop.

    We pleased to be part of this process as we supply several of these unique handmade finished products; including wicker baskets, placemats, bedroom & bar stools and coffee tables.

    If there is anything in particular you would like to know about our products please do get in contact with us.

    18th August, 2021

  • How to light a Za Za oil torch

    Recently we have been asked by customers exactly how to best light their garden oil torch.
    So today we thought it would be a nice idea to share the basics with you all!

    Below are some handy step by step tips for you, we hope you find this helpful.

    You can also view our useful, interactive “how to” video here

    – STEP 1 –

    Fill your oil torch using the provided filter, roughly 2/3 capacity with a good quality Paraffin oil. Here we are using Citronella.

    On the website we will give you a guide for capacity (and burn time) for each garden oil torch so please check this before filling the oil lamp.

    – STEP 2 –

    In a clockwise direction screw the provided wick into the lamp.
    The wick should be level to its surrounding metal frame or slightly higher if you would like a larger flame.

    Leave the wick to soak for about 15 minutes.

    – STEP 3 –

    To ignite the flame carefully place a long match or lighter to the top of the exposed wick.

    You should now have a lovely flame!

    – STEP 4 –

    To extinguish, simply place the provided snuffer over the flame.
    You can wear safety gloves for extra protection.
    Leave the garden torch to cool before moving.

    Feel inspired? Browse our range of oil torches here, an excellent way to light up your patio or outdoor seating area

    Zara x

    30th July, 2021

  • Garden Lighting

    At Za Za Homes we just love outdoor mood lighting, whether it is created using candle lanterns or oil torches, or even both! It is such a nice way to add an extra element of calm when relaxing in the garden with friends. When the night draws in, it is perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere and also extra lighting for seating areas.

    Here is a photo from customer Lizzie’s beautiful garden, featuring our Roma Copper Oil Torch on Pole, available to pre order for delivery in July!

    Please do keep sending us your product photos, we love to seem them.

    Zara x

    16th June, 2021

  • Summer Style

    Who else has been enjoying socialising outdoors with friends? It is so nice to get out into the garden nice and early.

    We have created this little Za Za setting here to hopefully give you some inspiration and ways to style your garden seating area. Outdoor rugs have become very popular this season, our grey Camilla rug is perfect for a summer setting!

    We can’t wait to have the Teak lounger chairs back in stock soon, with a relaxed seating position, they are perfect for a sunny day.

    If you are planning to spend your evenings in the garden, alfresco style, browse our range of garden oil lamps and lanterns. A perfect way to add romantic mood lighting to your evening.

    10th May, 2021

  • Sustainable Seagrass – An insight

    We love using sustainable materials and today thought we would share some insight into how our Seagrass products are produced.

    In the image you will see from numbers 1-3, how it goes from the bottom of the ocean to becoming a product at Za Za Homes.

    1.) A sustainable and eco friendly plant at the bottom of the ocean.

    2.) The long reeds are then carefully dried and spun into yarns for production.

    3.) These are then used to hand make accessories and furniture. Including wicker baskets, placemats, bedroom stools, bar stools and coffee tables.

    If there is anything in particular you would like to know about our products please do get in contact with us.

    23rd March, 2021

  • Style Your Home For Spring

    Bring calming neutral tones into your home this spring. Connect with the outdoors by featuring natural materials like rattan and water hyacinth.

    Our new wicker wall art featured here is excellent for adding a creative dimension to your hallway walls.

    Hopefully the sun will keep making a very welcomed appearance, happy spring everyone!

    8th March, 2021

  • Romantic Lighting for Valentines Day

    As we can’t go out, many of us are trying to create new ways to make our Valentines day at home a little more special this year.

    Cosy up inside with some romantic mood lighting or add a few flames to your garden with an oil torch or fire pit! Browse here for some indoor or outdoor inspiration!



    4th February, 2021

  • Christmas Gift Ideas

    We are definitely feeling the Christmas spirit extra early this year, prepping for the festive season is definitely a great way to make this time spent at home more special.

    I have spent time taking lots of new photos over the past few weeks and am so excited to share these new items with you all.

    Here is our NEW section on the website, lots of lovely Christmas gift ideas and ways to add soft mood lighing to your festive home this year.

    17th November, 2020

  • Customer Support

    Today we wanted to express how wonderful it has been over the last few months to receive so many photos from customers. The positive feedback and seeing the products in their new homes really does make it all worth while. Please do keep them coming, and we look forward to launching some wonderful new pieces over the next month.

    This photo was from Grace, her stunning new kitchen featuring our wicker bar stools.

    Zara x

    9th October, 2020

  • Space Saving at Home

    It can be such a struggle to find enough space to put everything in the house and keep it looking tidy.

    The Za Za team has been slowly developing our space saving range of hanging rails and furniture. Hopefully these items can help people to save space, but in a stylish way!

    The wall mounted clothes rack featured today has five clothes hooks, all with indents to place your hangers. The idea is that you are able to store your clothes and a few accessories in such a small space! This wall clothes rack is ideal for guest bedrooms and a fantastic alternative to a clothes rail if you have less storage space.

    8th March, 2020

  • One way to warm up your home this winter

    Who else absolutely adores their wooden or tiled floors? They look stylish and never go out of fashion, plus they are generally pretty easy to maintain. The entirety of our house downstairs is wooden floors and we love them, but… as we hit the winter months it can tend to feel rather cold underfoot, brrr.

    There are lots of different ways to warm up your home in the Winter, for example lighting a fire, being energy efficient, closing curtains and so on.

    We find that adding a rug or two in your rooms can really help with the cold and it feels so much nicer under foot. Plus, you get to add some extra elegance at the same time! Browse our selection of rugs here, all very easy to look after, and will add that extra dimensions your room.


    30th November, 2019

  • Mood Lighting for The Festive Season

    We love this time of the year for adding romantic mood lighting to the home. That flicker of candlelight can add some much warmth to any room, especially when it is cold outside. A candle lantern in the hallway, a candlestick on the fireplace or to decorate your dining table, can bring such a magical glow to the room.

    Today we have created a little collage of our favourites, all perfect for the festive season and excellent gift ideas : )

    For some inspiration, have a peek at our candle lanterns and candle holders here. 

    8th November, 2019

  • Summer Storage

    The summer months are always a busy time for visiting friends, family and in turn, them coming to visit you.

    Our selection of wooden clothes rails are the perfect space friendly storage options for guest bedrooms. Not only that, but also beautifully crafted with a sturdy and durable frame in a simple Swedish design.

    The ideal size for hanging their weekend’s clothes and accessories. Plus, it keeps your bedrooms looking much tidier ; ) .



    7th August, 2019

  • Lighting for Summer Weddings

    We believe that one of the most important details at any wedding is the lighting. The mood lighting that you choose to add to your venue will affect how the rooms, photos and accessories look and most importantly how people respond to the environment. I.e. Relax, mingle and party for longer.

    Summer weddings always give that extra opportunity to use a mixture of outdoor lighting as people will spend much more time outdoors. There are many options when it comes to lighting an outdoor wedding.

    Lanterns and candleholders provide a classic style for entrance ways and table décor. They also look fantastic hung from branches and shepherd hooks. Simply add a wax or use LED candles.

    Firepits are also an excellent way to add a splash of dramatic light. They encourage people to congregate in groups and also add some warmth as the night draws in.

    Oil torches and lamps are another very impressive way to add magical mood lighting to the outside areas. They can be used to highlight entrance ways, dot around the gardens, along pathways and also seating/eating areas.


    7th June, 2019

  • Lanterns for the summer

    Back in stock this month are the classic Topsham tall silver candle lanterns. Make excellent floor lanterns for the garden and also indoors decorations

    We love how adding a few impressive candle lanterns the garden seating area add such a lovely ambience. Just add a few candles and you’re away!

    17th May, 2019

  • How to light your garden oil torch

    As we are reaching that time of year when people start venturing out into the garden we thought it would be a good time to share our knowledge on caring for your garden oil torch.

    For those of you who are new to garden oil lamps or have just purchased one for the garden, here are a few how to’s for you.

    These instructions are generally based on the use of our garden torches. But can be used as a rough guideline for others.


    1. To access the oil container, push down the metal wick holder and turn in an anticlockwise direction. Then simply fill with a suitable outdoor oil. Do not over fill the container as when oil heats it will expand slightly. Then screw the top back on. Allow the wick to soak for a minimum of 15 minutes. To ignite you can then simply place a lit match to the wick.
    2. To fuel the torch you will need some good quality oil – We recommend the selection of Barrettine lamp and torch oil. This is sold through our website.
    3. All of the staked oil lanterns come with a spike which can be placed into soft ground. If you have a patio or terrace you can also place the stake into an oil lamp stand. Our stands are made to fit all of our oil torches except the Lucca range.
    4. For each oil torch we have provided the oil capacity and estimated burn time on the website. If you are purchasing from elsewhere, read their product information or contact them directly.
    5. All of our oil lamps come with a snuffer to put out the flame and a filter to help pour the oil.
    6. If the wick gets wet this will affect the flame’s ability to burn.
    7. It is always best to put the snuffer over the wick when the lamp is not in use to protect it from rain and damp.

    Our illuminating range of high quality outdoor oil lamps and torches will add a special glow to any occasion whether it be a wedding, dinner, event or simply a relaxing evening in the garden. They are all made from high quality stainless steel or copper making them strongly durable for outdoor use.

    Remember to be careful when using the oil torches, keeping the flame away from children and placing them securely in the ground or using a strong oil torch base.

    17th April, 2019

  • How to look after your rustic coffee table

    Any rustic wood coffee table is easy on the eye, such an attractive focal piece for any room. The fact that each of our pieces are unique is wonderful and such a talking point with house guests.

    We often have customers asking how to treat their industrial tree trunk coffee tables. Generally our first question is to ask how you would like to the table to look? Would you like a shine, a rich colour in the wood, or a natural look?

    Our industrial coffee tables are generally delivered untreated (please check) . If you like a natural look and are happy for a few stains to appear from mugs and so on then we say you can leave the table as it is. However, by treating your table with an oil treatment, every few months, this will help to protect the wood from stains and also protect the integrity of the wood itself. If you fancy adding just a nice shine to the wood, coconut oil is a nice way to do this.

    Live edge tables can change and move slightly with time, factors such as the temperature of the environment and sunlight can effect this. We always recommend people adding any wood treatment underneath the table before adding it to the top so that you can make sure they are happy with the final result.

    We always recommend using a coaster and mats when placing drinks and plates on the table. Any wet spills can leave marks on the wood so we recommened wiping away with a damp cloth and then a dry cloth immediately.

    Live edge coffee tables are an excellent way to add a unique twist to the living space, have a browse here to see our range.

    5th December, 2018

  • How to take care of your chopping boards

    marble and wood cheese board

    We often have customers asking us how they should care for their chopping and serving boards. So today we thought we would share a bit of knowledge we have picked up along the way.

    It is generally quite easy to look after our marble and slate cutting boards as they are very durable and excellent for presenting foods. Great used as serving and cheese boards, plus they look beautiful when displayed in the kitchen area.

    Marble chopping boards are non porous, with no gaps or creases, so they do not absorb meat juices and liquids. This makes them extremely good for avoiding the spread of bacteria. Marble is a very solid material which is great, but do be careful when using sharp knives on these boards as it can blunt them.

    Both wooden chopping boards and slate serving boards are much more porous than marble. To protect the slate and wood parts of your chopping board and prevent them from absorbing juices from foods, it is always a good idea to treat them with a food grade mineral oil, or recommended chopping board oil, a few times a year. This will help to protect the integrity of the materials, protect against contamination, staining and add that extra special shine to the boards.

    To clean we recommend washing our boards by hand. Simply wash with hot water and soap. Make sure all food is wiped off and then leave to dry. Try to avoid getting the rubber feet underneath wet.

    Browse our Za Za chopping board range here. They make excellent Christmas gifts!

    14th November, 2018

  • Outdoor Party Lighting Ideas

    We love this time of the year where there are so many opportunities to add soft mood lighting, whether it be indoors or outside.

    For those of you who are planning a winter party, wedding or simply an evening with friends, here are a few outdoor lighting ideas from our oil lamp range that are guaranteed to impress your guests.

    From top left:

    1.- Florence oil torch, with its large lamp, the flame will burn all light long.

    2. – Siena oil lamp, available in three sizes these make stunning table centrepieces

    3. – Roma copper oil lamp, a very popular choice with customers, these lamps have a very elegant style

    4. – Capri silver oil torch, with their contemporary shape these torches make excellent party lights, simply place the pole into the ground or use one of our oil torch bases.


    31st October, 2018

  • Adding Warmth to the Home

    This month we have really noticed the drop in temperature and dare I say it… yes we have turned the heating on!

    One of the good things about the autumn and winter months is that we can relax on the sofa with a cuppa and good book without feeling too guilty about it. We of course like to light some candles to add that extra cosy touch.

    Last month we introduced a few new candle holders which are great for the festive season. Have a peek here.

    10th October, 2018

  • Storage Ideas for the Season

    The autumn months are always a great time to organise the home and prepare for the winter. Maybe an opportunity to add some new accessories and freshen up the home.

    This month we welcome this impressive Industrial Wooden Storage Unit to our range.

    There is much to say about this item. It has been hand crafted and finished beautifully with natural mango wood and with a very strong metal frame. The mango wood top can be removed which allows items to be placed into the wooden baskets from above, very handy!

    All three crate style drawers are an excellent size to fit all of your shoes, children toys and knick knacks. Each one is made from solid mango wood and can be removed from the frame.

    You can shop all of our storage ideas here.

    26th September, 2018

  • Serve in Style!

    This month we are loving the new collection of Artisan serving and chopping boards. They have all been hand crafted with high quality materials using a mixture of marble, slate and natural mango wood.

    Excellent for daily chopping and also serving your favourite selections of cheeses and antipasti to guests. But also a very stylish piece to display in the kitchen when not in use.

    We already have one in our kitchen : ) .

    Happy Friday!

    Zara x

    10th August, 2018

  • Mamma Mia – Here we go again!

    Tonight the team are off to watch the new Mamma Mia film, we do love a good musical but primarily we are VERY excited for the fact that our copper Roma and Lucca oil torches feature in the film!

    Watch out for Cher’s entrance and also the Fernando song where you can see our stunning torches make an appearance. Get the look here.


    23rd July, 2018

  • New for the summer

    This month we welcome a few new additions to our candle lantern range, including these fabulous rose copper look lanterns. A stylish accessory for both outdoors and inside. We love the way the rose gold reflects outside in the sun.

    They have been tailor made with a wider frame so that the lanterns have enough space inside to fit more than one candle.

    We hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful weather, long may it continue : ) x

    3rd July, 2018

  • Seating for the Garden

    We have managed to spend more time in our garden this month, hasn’t the sun been just excellent, hopefully it will continue this way!

    So today we are looking at stylish seating options for the garden. Our bamboo and wicker tub chairs make handy and very stylish additional seating for any patio or garden. They are now available to purchase in sets of two, giving our customers a 10% discount!

    We also have our beautiful Bordeaux garden bench, which is also now available at a discounted price of £159.

    We hope everyone is managing to find some time to relax and enjoy the weather.

    Za Za Team x

    14th June, 2018

  • Back for the summer

    Welcome back to our stylish bamboo tub chairs! Available in both white or natural, these make great indoor or outdoor seating for the spring and summer seasons. The neutral colours allow them to fit into any part of the home. A great fit for this years timeless wicker trend.

    We were so pleased to see the sun come out today, let’s hope it continues.

    8th April, 2018

  • Snow is Falling..

    And so the snow returns..we hope that everyone is safe and snuggled up at home today. Doesn’t it look so beautiful outdoors though!

    18th March, 2018

  • Textures and Fabrics for Spring

    This season the fashion is to feature a mixture of different fabrics and textures in the home. Stretching from rustic wood, velvets, wicker and accent colour tones. Next month we will be excited to see the arrival of our new range of artisan rugs which focus on the use of different textures and in style colours.

    Why not have a little peek here, pre orders can be placed now!

    Happy Spring everyone!



    12th March, 2018

  • A New Za Za Design

    scandinavian shelving system

    This month our special arrival is a new addition to our Stockholm range, the Stockholm shelving ladder with its Scandinavian style and smooth edges.

    We spent lots of time thinking about this design, making the shelves large enough for storage and adding the handy hooks so that people can hang their accessories or items of clothing. We wanted this piece to be useful for any part of the home. Whether it be a bookcase, storage unit for the bedroom, bathroom or a display unit for your living space.

    We hope you like our new piece as much as we do!

    Brrrr, isn’t it cold outside today? We hope everyone is managing to keep warm.

    28th February, 2018

  • Stylish Storage

    We find this time of the year is always a great opportunity to have a spring clean and tidy at home. We love how wicker baskets add style to the home yet also make very handy storage pieces for any bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or hallway.

    Our entire range of wicker storage baskets, have all been handwoven with high quality and sustainable materials. Have a little peek here.

    18th February, 2018

  • New Additions for Spring!

    The winter months are always a great time to take advantage of the extra time spent indoors, a great opportunity to add new colours, materials and styles to the home.

    This month we are proud to welcome some fresh new additions to the Za Za range, which combine beautiful textures from the sustainable wicker materials and natural wood.

    30th January, 2018

  • Winter Charm

    Winter is my favourite time of the year! Dressing up in warm cosy outfits and snuggling by the fire. Sipping festive mulled wine at Christmas markets and taking advantage of the delicious food on offer!

    We hope everyone is getting in the festive spirit too, we can’t wait to put up our Christmas tree this weekend, we will update everyone with some photos.

    8th December, 2017

  • Gift idea for the home this Christmas

    I can always be a challenge trying to find something a little bit different to give a friend or loved one at Christmas. Here is a collage of a few ideas we have put together. Browse our Christmas gift section ‘here’ for some more inspiration for the team at Za Za Homes.


    30th November, 2017

  • Entertaining with Candlelight

    As the days get shorter we find there is a desire for adding soft mood lighting when entertaining friends in the home. Candlelight , whether it be created with lanterns or candlesticks, can be at the dining table, scattered around the room or maybe the the in hallway or by the fireplace. It is always a great way to create a cosy ambience when enjoying a relaxing evening with family and friends.

    Here are some of our favourites.

    7th October, 2017

  • This month we are inspired by Wicker

    This Summer ‘wicker’ seems to be everywhere. Whether it be in the kitchen, hallway, bedroom, conservatory or garden! This is because it is so adaptable and looks great in any part of the home with its soft colours and beautiful weaves. We love that every different type of wicker brings a unique weave and varying natural shades.

    We have thoroughly enjoyed choosing and tailoring each one of our wicker products. See our range of bamboo, waterhyacinth, abaca and seagrass weaves.

    Here we have chosen our favourite Za Za wicker products.


    Featured above (left to right):

    Provence Bar Stool Round

    Bamboo Lounger Chair

    Bamboo Candle Lantern

    Set of Two Country Wicker Baskets

    Range of wicker Stools

    Ardennes Coffee Table

    12th July, 2017

  • Sandy Cove Lantern – Our Product of the Month

    This month we fancied sharing with you our NEW set of Sandy Cove wood candle lanterns. They have been beautifully hand crafted with solid teak wood and high quality stainless steel which makes then very durable and hence can be used outdoors. If left outside the wood will fade to a lovely soft grey.

    An excellent Summer accessory! Why not place these unique candle lanterns on your garden table and fill with a simple pillar candle to create soft mood lighting.

    20th June, 2017

  • Romantic mood lighting for your outdoor party or wedding

    Isn’t lovely to create that special ambience when welcoming guests to a wedding, party or simply alfresco dining with friends in your back garden. The flames produced by our wonderful selection of outdoor oil torches and lamps add such magical mood lighting.

    We are happy to inform everyone that all of our outdoor oil torches and lamps are back in stock with the addition of a few new special items.

    Our favourite this month is our NEW contemporary Garda oil torch pictured below, priced at only £25!

    Browse our entire range of oil torches and oil lamps here.


    6th June, 2017

  • Garden Lighting

    This week we were so happy to be greeted with the wonderful Sun at our door! The energy,  joy and motivation that it brings with it is just excellent.

    This has led us to start thinking about our own garden and the work we need to do to get it ready for our Summer BBQ’s and entertaining friends. My favourite part of being in the garden late afternoon/early evening is adding a selection of our oil torches and lanterns to creating magical mood lighting for our friends to enjoy.

    Our entire range of garden torches and oil lamps will be back in stock by May, but for now people will find there is still a great range available and you can always place a pre order for those which haven’t yet arrived.

    Enjoy the Sun everyone x

    5th April, 2017

  • New Stockholm Range

    This month we had the arrival of our New and very beautifully crafted Stockholm range.

    The range includes four new pieces of furniture; a wood clothing rail and storage unit, console table, coffee table and desk. All with very sturdy and durable frames in a simple Swedish design.

    All have been thoughtfully designed to suit any size home, giving you enough space to organize your clothes, work and living space.

    The stylish frames with contemporary narrow legs and smooth lines make our Stockholm range the perfect centre piece for any home.


    22nd March, 2017

  • A Happy Customer – Kitchen Bar Stools

    We were very happy to receive some photos from our customers ‘Mr & Mrs Burnett’ of our Provence bar stools that they recently purchased for their kitchen.

    They chose to have both styles of kitchen stool, one with a round seat and the another with a square seat. This has created a unique style in their beautful Cornish cottage and holiday home. Don’t they look fabulous!

    The Provence kitchen stool has been hand woven with a  beautiful Waterhyasynth wicker and features natural wooden legs. Each bar stool will therefore be unique with their wonderfully natural shades in both the wicker and wood.


    15th February, 2017

  • Industrial Style this Spring

    At Za Za we find January and February are a great time of the year for adding a fresh touch of style to our homes.

    We are so happy to share with you our NEW Industrial and Rustic range of Stools, Chairs and Coffee Tables, adding industrial elegance and a quirky twist to any home.

    Being of natural wood, each item incorporates its own wonderful natural shades and patterns, unique to each item.

    We hope you love this range as much as we do, have a peek here.

    Happy January,


    Zara  x

    18th January, 2017

  • Christmas Lanterns

    What is a necessity for any cosy home during the Winter months and Christmas time? For us, it is soft, inspiring, warm and glowing mood lighting!

    The soft flicker of light from a candle lantern can make all the difference to the ambience in a room when sitting round a table with friends, hosting a party or simply relaxing in your home.

    Here are a few of our favourites, they make excellent Christmas gifts but also a nice treat and unique decoration for your own home this Winter.

    Choose from our NEW Bamboo lanterns, our wonderfully Rustic Wooden Lanterns or the more Classic Style. x

    16th November, 2016

  • A Rustic Photo Shoot

    Last year we took part in a fabulous ‘Autumn Winter Wedding’ photo shoot at our local Devonshire Wedding venue, Upton Barn. The theme was inspired with Copper and Rose Gold shades.

    We met so many fabulous, inspiring and hard working people, what a wonderful day we had.

    Our Roma Copper and Genoa oil torches plus our lanterns, looked absolutely beautiful within the walled gardens of this rustic wedding venue. To see more images please see the March edition of Wed Magazine.

    Stunning image above by the talented Maxi Photography .

    24th September, 2016

  • Garden and Wedding Lighting

    With the Summer and Wedding season in full bloom it’s still not too late to give your garden or special celebration some extra magical mood lighting. We find personally that our evening BBQ’s and intimate parties with friends are given a glamorous vibe with a few oil lamps scattered around; on the tables, along the patio and the darker corners of the garden.

    For those of you looking for something memorably special to decorate your outdoor event then look no further. Our wide selection of Za Za Homes (ZaZa Living) outdoor oil torches will add that wonderfully dreamy and classy atmosphere you are looking for.

    Our garden oil torches are now also available to purchase in pairs so you can SAVE up to 15%.

    Hope everyone is having a fab Summer!

    Zara x


    27th July, 2016

  • Inspiration for your Summer Garden

    This month we just have to share with you some of our new items which have arrived in time for the Summer!

    First up, we are adding some french country style with our new teak wood Bordeaux garden bench.  Such a timeless piece for the garden and the home.

    Our stunning hand hammered Roma oil torch is back in stock due to popular demand. This oil lamp was part of our initial Za Za range and still one of our favorites. The absolute perfect accessory to set the mood for alfresco dining and entertaining guests.

    Finally, we can’t forget to mention the new and gorgeous Dartington hurricane lanterns. We specifically asked for the white lantern to have the copper look handle, which in our opinion makes this such a tasteful and unique piece.


    Zara,  Za Za Homes  x


    27th May, 2016

  • Summer On its Way

    With Summer on its way and the longer days now very apparent it is great to see that we are all venturing out into the garden to enjoy the fresh bursts of English sunshine. What’s more, it’s now that time when we begin trying to think of ways to freshen up and accessorise our homes for the Summer months ahead. In our home I am always excited to try new food recipes, trips to the beach and the chance to begin lighting the garden oil torches to set the mood when relaxing and socializing with friends outdoors.

    At Za Za Homes we have been extremely busy planning a very exciting new range which will be here in a few months time. I will keep you posted, maybe with a few sneaky images before they arrive…

    For now, here are a few of my Spring time favorites, I am trying my very best not to take one of the new embroidered Chloe cushions home for myself…. Aren’t they just gorgeous!  x


    21st April, 2016

  • Christmas Time

    At Za Za Homes we are already getting into the festive spirit. We absolutely love the Winter and Christmas period as it always brings some of our most treasured things: Friendly faces, open fires, soft mood lighting, delicious food, giving gifts and lots of celebrations.

    We began the month by baking some yummy Ginger biscuits that were of course made into festive star shapes. The Christmas tree has also been decorated with our favorite gold and copper sparkles.

    If you are still on the hunt for some special gift ideas to give this Christmas we have selected just a few of our festive favorites in the images that you see. To view the entire ranges of Candle Lanterns, Oil Lamps and New home accessories click ‘here.’

    Especially for you this December, we are also offering 10% off all online purchases! Get your special code ‘here’ now.

    The team at Za Za Homes would like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas. Enjoy!




    3rd December, 2015

  • The New Website!

    In celebration of the launch of our new website this October I am very excited to be writing our first Za Za Homes blog!

    For those of you who have not yet heard about us, we are based in Cornwall and Devon, selling a wonderful range of high quality candle lanterns, outdoor oil lamps and just this month we will be adding some new home furnishings to the collections especially for Christmas!

    My aim is to provide customers with high quality items which add character and softness to your home. We absolutely love mood lighting, which is reflected in our selection of hanging lamps, lanterns and garden oil torches.

    We have had an exciting few months with Game of Thrones purchasing our Copper Roma Oil Lamps and the Aegis Trust ‘s marathon runners Rob Young and Adam Holland carrying our Naples oil torch around the UK. It is now also making its way across Kenya! You can have a read about this fantastic charity here.

    Thank you so much for having a read and I hope that you love the product range as much as I do!

    Image above, myself being coerced into a photo during our shoot last month.

    What a lovely location!

    19th October, 2015