Today we discuss Water Hyacinth

We’ve always had a strong ethos of using sustainable materials where possible, so today we thought we’d share some information on how our Water Hyacinth products are produced, and where this replenishable product comes from.

Water hyacinth is found in the Amazon basin; a floating aquatic plant with round bright green and purple leaves. Very fast growing, it propagates quickly and often takes over surrounding ponds.

The plant has become a problem for the aquatic environment and because there is so much of it, local craftsmen are given the opportunity to use this plant, turning it into products to sell.

This plant is soft and flexible, and through the process of drying and weaving, beautiful rugs, storage baskets and furniture can be made. This provides many jobs for the local inhabitants in harvesting this ever growing crop.

We pleased to be part of this process as we supply several of these unique handmade finished products; including wicker baskets, placemats, bedroom & bar stools and coffee tables.

If there is anything in particular you would like to know about our products please do get in contact with us.

18th August, 2021