How to look after your rustic coffee table

Any rustic wood coffee table is easy on the eye, such an attractive focal piece for any room. The fact that each of our pieces are unique is wonderful and such a talking point with house guests.

We often have customers asking how to treat their industrial tree trunk coffee tables. Generally our first question is to ask how you would like to the table to look? Would you like a shine, a rich colour in the wood, or a natural look?

Our industrial coffee tables are generally delivered untreated (please check) . If you like a natural look and are happy for a few stains to appear from mugs and so on then we say you can leave the table as it is. However, by treating your table with an oil treatment, every few months, this will help to protect the wood from stains and also protect the integrity of the wood itself. If you fancy adding just a nice shine to the wood, coconut oil is a nice way to do this.

Live edge tables can change and move slightly with time, factors such as the temperature of the environment and sunlight can effect this. We always recommend people adding any wood treatment underneath the table before adding it to the top so that you can make sure they are happy with the final result.

We always recommend using a coaster and mats when placing drinks and plates on the table. Any wet spills can leave marks on the wood so we recommened wiping away with a damp cloth and then a dry cloth immediately.

Live edge coffee tables are an excellent way to add a unique twist to the living space, have a browse here to see our range.

5th December, 2018